It was a barely into the afternoon in Amiele’s inn, the Rosewood. She had just finished cleaning up after the lunch rush, or at least what constituted a rush in Gisling.  Half a candle ago the half dozen tables had been crowded with nearly two fold men and women. With the Rosewood placed directly off […]

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It was a bright sunny day.  An almost perfect summer day, one might think, except that the heat tended to bring the stinging gnats out. Along a dirt trail, a gaunt man walked. He appeared to be anything from twenty to fifty, and the travel worn clothes he was wearing spoke to the length of […]

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  Two armies raged against each other. As the rain poured out of the sky, as if it would never end, men died.  Flashes of lightening lit the lines of battle randomly, the strobes of light illuminating horrifying scenes. A man, gasping on the ground, while others stepped on him in the struggle, his insides […]

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