Lily tensed next to Einaar, and quickly hid behind him. Einaar slowly raised his hands up, and made sure to keep them away from his hilt. “Hold on now,” he said, firmly. “I’ve done nothing wrong.  This is my first day in the city, so how exactly am I under arrest?” “We received a description […]

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It was a slow and easy ride towards Drammen for the pair.  Lily passed the time napping, or messing around with ward blocks, while Einaar tried to convince her to read something. Einaar, himself, just stared out of the cart at the passing trees. The farmer spoke about as much as his donkey, which was […]

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After passing a turn in the road that hid them from sight of the town, Einaar placed Lily gently on the ground next to a tree. “Let’s get you setup with another crutch,” he said encouragingly. Lily sat there, listlessly, head down.  Einaar frowned for a second, then pulled his sword out and started hacking […]

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Einaar shoved his way through the crowd.  He had just made it to the front when a large chair came flying out of the doorway, and nearly crashed into him. He could hear screams from inside the inn, and as he walked into the inn he couldn’t believe his eyes. Everything that was not nailed […]

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Einaar stepped through the doorway into the warm morning light.  He took a deep breath, and let it slowly out, thankful to finally be alone. Lily was no real burden, but he was used to being alone.  Even as quiet as Lily usually was, it still grated on him, and together they moved much slower […]

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Yawning, Einaar raised his head from the blanket the next morning.  The sun was just beginning to creep over the mountains, and a dim light filled the clearing right off the road where they had spent the night in. The fire had died down, so Einaar kicked the coals until he got a spark, and used that […]

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The book was thick, and as Einaar opened the cover a thick smell of paper and ink wafted across the two. Lily’s eyes widened, and her mouth dropped open.  She had clearly never seen a book before, and like when Einaar was younger, it seemed full of mystery. “How does it work?” She inquired.  She […]

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It didn’t take Einaar as long to reach to the top of the main hall as it did the day before. He still took it slow, but knowing where the tough points in the climb were helped immensely. He stopped at least once every floor to take a look out the window at Lily.  He […]

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Both Lily and Einaar had fallen to sleep shortly after their talk.  Lily was exhausted from her ordeal, and Einaar was just as tired from carrying her out of the main hall. As the fire died down, both had settled down, and each lay there thinking.  Lily’s mind was occupied with thoughts of grandiose images […]

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Einaar slowly stirred the copper pot, adding a bit of water so that the paste would thin out and become more fluid.  He kept an eye on Lily. “I am, as you now know, a mage. I was actually taught right here,” he said, gesturing to the buildings surrounding them. “I spent nearly half of a […]

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